Homer “HG” Wells is an American Actor, Voice Over Artist, Film Producer and Public Speaker.
He was born in KANKAKEE, ILLINOIS approximately Fifty Miles South of Chicago on August 1st 1963. He resided in a small community called Eldorado Terrace now known as Sun River Terrace.
He spent most of his earlier life as a Network Center Technician/ Electrical Engineer for AT&T Telecommunication Company for many years. That’s where he realized that his voice was unique. In talking to customers and field technicians because they would ask the question, “What are you doing working for AT&T with a voice like that?”
He started experimenting with his voice under the guidance Teacher/Coach Brent Walker owner of Soundscapes Recording Studio in Little Rock, Arkansas in 2014.
Eventually he got into Radio as a JAZZ DJ at KABF 88.3 FM under the direction of John Cain, Program Director. He got positive reviews from his listeners because of the richness of his voice.
He landed a role as the voice of God in a short film ‘I AM YOU GO.’ Directed by Michael Tatum. This was followed by a Dramatic Reading in the Theatrical Play “Lincoln’s Dream by Philip H. McMath. He then did a table reading for Riley`s Lesson and a short film called “DEARLY BELOVED” as Character Pastor Turner, both Directed by Prentice Dupins owner of 1410 Media Group and Argentina Pictures in Little Rock, Arkansas.
Following that, he landed a role as character Dr. Joshua Larabee from Theatrical Play “Akeelah and The Bee” directed by Legenia Bearden owner of Bearden Productions in North Little Rock, Arkansas.
He then landed another role in a Theatrical Stage Play called “Inherit The Wind” as Character Rev. Brown directed by Bryon Taylor.

He recently landed Lead Role in a Theatrical Play called, ‘Between Riverside and Crazy’ directed by Michael Denzel Scott. Only because of the urging of late wife Sylvestine Wells telling him, “You only might have one opportunity to go to Africa and do what you love, I`ll be alright because God got me. H.G was hesitant to go because his wife was confined to a wheel chair since the age of ten due to her being hit by a drunk driver. Her final words on the matter were, “You never know unless you try.” So off to Africa he went.
HG PRODUCTIONS came into being in the US during a film festival when American Executive Producer & Actor Homer “HG” Wells came across Kenyan Hollywood actor Benjamin A. Onyango. The Actor pitched a show about the drama and dilemma of a man who has married five wives and brings home the sixth and final one. HG fell in love with the idea and decided to produce the show by teaming up with Local Talent in Nairobi, Kenya.

HG Productions – Africa Experience.

After teaming up with local talent to shoot The Wives TV Drama Series.

The Wives Premiered February 2018 at Panari Hotel Nairobi. Interviewed by the local Channel Network EBRU TV as a marketing campaign to promote The Wives.

Principal Photography of Season 1 was concluded at the end of November 2018.

The Show was then sold to Kenya`s biggest Television network, Kenya Broadcasting Corporation on March 2019 and started showing May of 2019.

With an expected viewership of approximately 2.5 Million Kenyans every Sunday at 7. 30 PM (Prime-Time) for Season 1.


The Wives was nominated for:

  • 2018 – Riverwood Awards 2018 Best TV series Actor –Best TV Series Director – Best Supporting Actress.
  • 2018 – African Film Festival 2018– Best Costume
  • 2019 – Kalasha International Film and TV Awards – Best TV Drama, Best Lead Actor, Best Lead Actor.

Due to the high demand for talent, and Kiswahili contents, HG Productions saw the need to work with local talented artists hence helping turn their dreams into reality by investing in The Wives.
HG Productions has a well-established network with local communities and developed a strong relationship with the Kenya Film Commission.
Despite the language barrier HG Productions association with success- Worked with top Kenyan Actors and Actresses to produce The Wives, which was sold in a record 5 months to Kenya`s biggest TV network, Kenya Broadcasting Corporation.
He came into prominence in Africa`s Beautiful Capital City Nairobi, Kenya, in May of 2019 as Executive Producer of ‘THE WIVES.’ HG Teamed up with local talent Kenyan Hollywood Actor Benjamin A. Onyango, CEO of AMR Films, Writer and Director of the Kenyan Hit T.V series ‘THE WIVES.’ HG oversaw the production of Season One as Executive Producer and after shooting, he exhausted all his finances trying to sell the show in a country he could not even speak the national language; Swahili. He spent five extra months marketing the show and his patience finally paid off when he got a deal with Kenya`s biggest Television Network, ‘Kenya Broadcasting Corporation.’
He always acknowledges that God led him through his faith with favor to meet everyone he needed to come in contact with to sell “The Wives”. “The Wives” T.V Series was dedicated to his late wife Sylvestine Wells because she is one of the main reasons why “The Wives” ever came into fruition.

He is also developing a Charity Organization called ‘Sylvestine Wells Center’ in Nairobi, Kenya, which is a dedication to his late wife Sylvestine Wells, who suddenly past away July 27, 2018.
The center is specializing in assisting the widows and orphaned children to help with school fees, school uniforms, feeding programs, and clothing/shoes, etc.
HG has also developed a Marketing Program called Wells Marketing & Consultancy.
HG’s motto is, “Smile because you are the sunshine in America or the USA.” And in Africa his motto is,” If you are good to the Motherland the Motherland will be good to you.”

The Wives Pilot

The Future Chapter Short Film